Jardín Botánico de Barcelona

Acronym: JBB


The Botanic Garden of Barcelona is a center of exhibition of alive plant collections from all the regions of the World with mediterranean climate. The collections are distributed according to their geographical origin and the species are divided representing natural plant communities. So, several plant assemblages with the same environmental requirements (waterings, substratums, fertilizers...) are created and their maintenance becomes more sustainable. The Garden has an area of nurseries for the production of plants and useful infrastructures for conservation projects. It also has technical personnel's staff for the control of the existent collections and for the inclusion of new ones.

Contribution to the Atlas

To be a leisure, educational and science place. To be a reference center at regional and state level in topics of conservation of plants.

Líneas prioritarias de investigación: 1- Conservation of endangered flora from Catalonia, 2- Studies of adaptation of mediterranean flora to the gardening, 3- Management of a germ-plasm collection.


  1. Banc de Germoplasma, Jardí Botànic de Barcelona La colección del banco de germoplasma del Jardín Botánico de Barcelona se inició aproximadamente hace diez años. Cuenta con 3.700 registros de 2.295 taxones diferentes. La colección esta formada por semillas de origen silvestre de diferentes partes del territorio catalán y español; y también marroquí. Igualmente se conservan semillas recolectadas en el mismo Jardín Botánico...

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