Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción

Acronym: HBC


The Municipal Botanical Trust "Ciudad de Málaga" is an autonomous administrative organism dependent of the City Council of Málaga. It is governed by a Council Rector that is integrated by a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary, an Inspector, 10 members, a representative of the C.S.I.C., a representative of the autonomical governement of Andalusia, a representative of the University of Málaga and the Director-manager of this Municipal Botanical Trust. The Trust has the aim to exalt, study, investigate, enrich, diffuse and conserve the botanical richness of the city of Málaga; and to enrich and enlarge our cultural Patrimony. In order of these objectives, the Trust carries out activities that have relations to the flora, the Botany, the gardening and the landscape as much urban as rural of our city. With regard to the Botanical-historical Garden "La Concepción", the marked objectives are to create a cultural and scientific center related to the natural world that specially attend the programs of environmental education and the botanical research.


  1. Herbario "La Concepción", Patronato Botánico Municipal "Ciudad de Málaga" This Herbarium was created in 1993. It is integrated by ornamental and autochtonous flora.

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